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Community Counseling  and Consulting Services (CCCS) welcomes you to take the first step in transforming your life's challenges. If you struggle with addiction, anger, anxiety, depression or trauma, CCCS can help you make positive changes in your life. CCCS seeks to help individuals, couples and families whom are experiencing hard times to look deep within themselves for the strength and awareness to reach their goals.

Read about Alex Castro, MA, NCC, CACIII, LPC,  ATP, EMDR of Community Counseling and Consulting Services.

The Cenote (Xenote for Mayans), pictured above, is a sacred and magical place that the Mayan Empire revered. It was considered the doorway to the inner (dark) world and where the Gods gave life as a gift to mankind. It was also considered a portal into the dark world, where sacrifice and gifts were offered.

The Cenotes are known for their freshing underground rivers, fish and magical sightseeing. The color of the water, the amazing underwater sights are numinous and surreal in beauty.  To snorkel or swim in a Cenote will not only relax you, but also invite you to look into the beauty life has to offer in the depths of its waters.

In counseling, we enter these depths and explore the waters of the self. Although it might be a frightful experience, it’s refreshing as well. The experience, the life and awareness that arise in the sessions can be refreshing, insightful and also challenging. In my practice, one is invited to pace themselves, relax and take your time as you immerse yourself in the numinous parts of the personal cenotes that can provide healing, rehabilitation and a deeper sense of self.